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DEVA Broadcast DB6400 – FM/HD Audio Processor

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This DEVA Broadcast DB6400 is a 4-Band Audio Processor. The DSP-based Stereo Encoder ensures MPX signal precision with advanced peak control and two independently configurable composite MPX outputs. The DB6400 provides perfect audio quality regardless of the source material. The unit offers a wideband AGC with “Intelligent Gating”, 4-band Parametric EQ, Advanced Bass and Treble Controls, 4-band High Quality Sound processor with Fidelity control and Sound Impact, 4-band Limiter, FM Limiter with advanced distortion & pre-emphasis control and HD Lookahead Limiter. Another feature that sets the DB6400 apart from other products in its category is the Fallback feature. This advanced device is capable of detecting signal loss. In case of silence on the main audio input, it automatically switches to a backup source, ensuring a constant audio feed. In addition, an email notification is sent immediately, allowing technicians to respond quickly.

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