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Do I need to create an account before placing an order?


Yes, if you create an account on our website, you can enjoy personalized offers, find your orders under "your orders," and easily track your order through the Track&Trace portal. You can easily update your details, and we can better serve you. In the near future, you will also be able to easily submit a return here.

How do I start a quote process?


There are two ways to do this:

1: If you've placed available products in your cart, you can choose the "Request Quote" button above the payment options. The products in your cart will be added to the quote process. You fill in your information and easily send your request to our sales team, who will then personally contact you.

2: If a product is available but cannot be ordered through the webshop, it will say "Price on request." You can view these products but cannot add them to your cart. These are custom products, and our sales team will be happy to assist you further. You can click on the product and then on the "Request Quote for this Product" button. If you don't have an email application, you can send an email to with the product number, and they'll contact you as soon as possible.

Can I order a product with a delivery time?


Yes, a product with a delivery time can be ordered. The sales team will contact you about the delivery time and keep you informed of any changes. These products can also be added to a quote process.

I'm looking for a specific product, but I can't find it. Who can I contact?


Even if a product isn't listed on the site, we can always help with specific questions. The sales team is happy to assist. Call our main number and ask for Jean-Paul (0115-68 35 55) or email

I'm looking for a setup for a radio studio. Where can I find this?


You can find more information about setting up a radio studio on the following page: Studios.

Working at Broadcast Partners

How do I submit a job application?


You can do this in several ways:

1: Send your application however you like to

2: At the bottom of a job listing page, you can upload an application. Include your CV and any cover letter for convenience! You can also send along your LinkedIn profile (if you have one). Don't have a CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile? Don't worry; give us a call and we'll schedule a personal meeting, with coffee, of course.

3: Under the "Teams" section, you will find our open job listings for the specific department, as well as open applications. You can also submit your application through these job listings.

4: You can also upload an application at the bottom of the page. If you have questions about an application or want to ask something else about working at Broadcast Partners, did you know you can easily ask your question via our app? Text our HR phone at +31 6 38 70 65 60 to ask your question.

There's no job opening in my field, what can I do?


Can't find a job opening in your desired field? You can submit an open application through the open applications section under the departments on the "Working at" page, or you can email your open application to

Can I do an internship at Broadcast Partners?


Yes, we have many opportunities for internships within our company. Under the "Teams" section, you will find open internship listings for MBO and HBO/WO levels. If you have other requests, you can easily contact us via or text our HR phone at +31 6 38 70 65 60.

How do I learn more about the teams at Broadcast Partners?


On the "Working at" page, you can find more information about (as the name suggests) working at Broadcast Partners. Read the stories of our colleagues to understand if you'd fit into our organization. You can also click through "Our Teams" to discover what we do here. We'd also love to talk with you in person, so feel free to call for a coffee chat!


Where can I get support for my questions?


You can call us at +31 115 683 589. You will be connected to support.
We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

You can also use our support page: Support.

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