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When you say radio, you say Broadcast Partners. As a radio station, you need a transmitter or transmitter network to broadcast programs on AM, FM, or DAB+. Building a transmitter network is custom work and requires expertise. At Broadcast Partners, we have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to advise and serve radio stations optimally. We can provide all the necessary equipment such as a transmitter, broadcasting equipment, and monitoring of reception. Also, for complete ether distribution, tune in to Broadcast Partners. We deal with program signal feed, audio processing, and work on (N)SFN synchronization. In other words, we pick up the radio signal in the studio and ensure it is broadcast on AM, FM, or DAB+. We ensure that radio stations are on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Transmission Range

The transmission range of a radio station is a decisive factor for success. When it comes to the coverage of ether transmitters, we check the calculated theoretical coverage and maximize the transmitter license. Managing and optimizing transmitters and frequencies is crucial for a radio station. We do everything to continuously improve the lifeline of a radio station. For this purpose, we conduct practical measurements and drone surveys to continuously optimize the transmitter network and maximize the license.

As specialists in frequency planning and transmitter network management, we deal with the technical planning and distribution aspects of radio stations. Additionally, we can relieve radio stations on many more points; the technology and monitoring can be completely entrusted to us. In doing so, we take full responsibility when it comes to technical aspects and transmission range. Radio stations can also come to us for radio automation & broadcast products. Additionally, for studio equipment, such as uniquely designed studio furniture and innovative antenna solutions, we are the right address. At the same time, we offer solutions when it comes to cloud-based radio broadcasting. We make digital broadcasting possible with our own designed DAB+ hardware and software solution, aXemble. We have a tailor-made solution for every radio station!

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As a market leader in transmitter network management in the Benelux region, we are always looking for more innovation. We have transmitter parks in the Netherlands and Belgium. We continuously monitor our transmitter installation through our self-designed monitoring system, Site Console, combined with MonitorMe. This way, we are always immediately informed about the current operations of our transmitters!

We continually search for new improvements to the transmitter networks based on the latest insights and modern techniques. At the same time, at Broadcast Partners, we work on innovative antenna solutions that cater to customer needs and future technology. Opportunities for expanding coverage areas are always seized.

When it comes to frequency planning, we are daily engaged in the latest developments. Our team conducts daily research to implement optimizations. At Broadcast Partners, we initiate coverage studies to determine and ultimately enhance the transmission range of a transmitter. We also search for new frequencies, a unique daily activity within Broadcast Partners, to optimize the transmission range of our customers.

Moreover, the industry deals with transmitter licenses and regulations. Any changes in transmitter licenses and regulations are closely monitored. We also have the responsibility to prevent any infringement on the customer's frequency package when existing frequency rights are at stake.

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Local Broadcasters

As a local broadcaster, you'll find everything you need with us. We offer various transmitter installations for AM, FM, and DAB+. Of course, we can assist in building and installing these installations.
Additionally, for radio automation such as AerOn Studio and SmartRadio, you've come to the right place with us.
Local broadcasters can also rely on us for studio equipment, studio furniture, visual radio, RDS systems, antenna systems, cables, connectors, and other innovative solutions. From microphones to transmitters and antennas, you'll find it all with us!

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Radio Development

At Broadcast Partners, we don't stand still. With the help of our technical team of engineers and developers, we continue to evolve. In addition, we provide FM and DAB+ consultancy, with multiple topics being part of our daily activities. Broadcast Partners designs frequency plans and associated transmitter networks. We optimize frequency plans, transmitter networks, and support their coordination. The development of frequency plans and the re-planning processes for FM and DAB+ are carried out according to the latest technical insights and developments.


Broadcast Partners provides an innovative and full-option solution for DAB+: The aXemble. This product line consists of 2 components: a full-option encoder and, additionally, a full-option encoder that also serves as a Multiplex. AXemble complies with the DAB+ standards ETS 300 401.

Broadcast Partners has recently successfully implemented aXemble DAB+ headends for national and international broadcasters at various locations in the Netherlands. Thanks to our years of experience in DAB+ systems and complex setups for commercial and public broadcasters in the Netherlands, we guarantee excellent support and development. Read more about aXemble here.

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Since 1983, Broadcast Partners has been developing professional software solutions for radio stations. It's essential for radio stations to keep up with trends and developments within the radio industry. AerOn Studio is designed to provide optimal support for radio stations. Our radio automation software has evolved from a non-stop tool to an essential part of live programming. Broadcast Partners ensures optimal continuity and expert guidance.

AerOn Studio radio automation has proven performance, intuitive operation, stability, and can be modularly expanded at low costs. The modular design makes the software scalable in capacity, size, and functionality. AerOn Studio can be set up for any type of radio, with the ability to easily, quickly, and according to your own preferences expand as needed. Read more about AerOn Studio here.

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Of course, Broadcast Partners thinks about the future of radio. That's why our research & development team developed SmartRadio to provide optimal service to future radio makers. With SmartRadio, you can create your fantastic radio shows from anywhere! Whether it's from home or from an exotic destination. It's possible! SmartRadio operates radio in the Cloud, making the creation, editing, and broadcasting of radio shows more flexible. Broadcasting can be non-stop or live. You reduce hardware costs, work collaboratively, and remain flexible.

At the same time, SmartRadio ensures that systems can interact with each other on various levels. It's developed to bring the best of different worlds together. SmartRadio's service can be tailored based on personal preferences. With a licensing model, every media company can obtain the desired service and functionalities. Read more about SmartRadio here.

Highlights of SmartRadio:

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Radix 2 is the revamped RDS software from Broadcast Partners, making on-air publishing of texts via an RDS encoder easier than ever. The software allows for managing the complete RDS traffic for a radio station using an all-in-one application. It can run both as a standalone and in a network environment. You don't pay for individual client or server licenses.

In addition to dynamic data, such as the title and artist of the playing track from, for example, AerOn Studio, Radix 1.0 already offered each radio station extensive possibilities to enter and automatically display all kinds of messages.

To continuously respond to current events, you need time. In practice, many radio stations don't have time to enter everything, keep track of it, and regularly refresh it. That's why we developed a solution in Radix 2 software by implementing RSS/XML feeds. By using this feature, you enter your settings once. After that, you'll broadcast up-to-date weather, news, showbiz, and other messages automatically, every time. Simple and easy! Discover Radix here.

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