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About Broadcast Partners

Since 1979 Broadcast Partners is ready for all radio stations in the Netherlands and Flanders when it comes to FM and DAB transmitter parks. As the market leader in transmitter network management in the Benelux, Broadcast Partners is always looking to innovate. However, our service consists of much more than just managing transmitter fleets.

With our corporate slogan “We make radio happen” we refer to the close relationship we build and maintain with our clients. This relationship goes far beyond a standard supplier-customer relationship; the customer needs a trusted advisor who can simultaneously support important technical choices.

Broadcast Partners is located in Terneuzen and Hilversum. We count major radio stations such as Radio 538, Qmusic, the NPO and many more among our clients. This is something we as Broadcast Partners are proud of. At the same time, we provide broadcasting technology in many other countries and our R&D team develops trend-setting products for radio and Internet media.

A company full of knowledge when it comes to specialized engineering and commercially and technically challenging projects. Broadcast Partners is growing like a cabbage, gaining ever larger market shares and also expanding the market itself. That growth is reflected in the workforce, where there is permanent room for new employees over the years. New colleagues ( technical, commercial or financial ) who can contribute at their own level to the realization of the Broadcast Partners projects.

We have been active since 1979 and have achieved many great goals. Scroll through our history below and discover some of the highlights.

We make radio happen, but what does that really mean?

The quality of our radio distribution network is directly related to the passion and enthusiasm of our people. Therefore, we structurally support our employees in their work and ambitions. The freedom, dynamism and informal work atmosphere is most appreciated by our employees. The colleagues among themselves form a close-knit team where respect for each other prevails. It is important to us that you can develop professionally and personally as an employee, so that we grow together. The development you go through is of course related to your wishes and ambitions, we are happy to give you space!



A look through history


The founding of CBT, later Broadcast Partners

Perhaps the most important year in the history of Broadcast Partners, 1979, in which CBT Electronic was founded by Robert-jan in a small apartment in Terneuzen. The apartment soon became too small, so an old building in downtown Terneuzen was rented. Later, CBT was renamed Broadcast Partners and the premises were exchanged for one on Axelsestraat.


How it all began…

Broadcast Partners begins selling antennas in northern France. Later we expand to Belgium and then to the Netherlands.


Broadcast Partners was first to deliver type-approved transmitter to local broadcasters

Local broadcasters are becoming possible in the Netherlands. For example, Broadcast Partners is beginning to provide transmitters to these local radio stations. Hundreds of them have been sold.


In the late 1980s, Broadcast Partners acquired knowledge about the spectrum

This leads to cooperation with the commercial broadcasters who all want to be on FM but are not allowed to by the government. That cooperation leads to major changes and the minister’s decision to “zerobase” the FM band for the potential for more frequencies.

Then we give our own direction, what that zerobase frequency plan should look like, and eventually design it, with limited but important cooperation from the government.


Broadcast Partners, the network provider in the Netherlands!

Meanwhile, starting in 1998, we provide commercial broadcasters with frequency space through experimental licenses that our company manages to acquire from AT. Thus, commercial stations have significant access to the FM band anyway, prior to any frequency allocation.

So in this year, we become a network provider in the Netherlands as a company. Five of the seven commercial broadcasters are directly served by us. Broadcast Partners is growing tremendously and is committed to innovative projects.


Zero-base-FM frequency plan to be launched

Broadcast Partners gives THE presentation of the new Zero-base FM frequency plan. This is one of the first FM transmitters we built for it in 1997. In the coming years, we will continue to expand this.


Network operator in Belgium

In Flanders, we are also launching plans for more space on the FM band. We work with private parties who can benefit from that to this day. In this year, we play a major role in the revision of the ‘provisional’ FM frequency plan for Belgium and become a network provider in Belgium.

Did you know that many employees from back then are still with our company?

The biggest changeover in Dutch history

The Zero-base FM frequency plan of 2000 is being implemented operationally, with the largest switchover and increase of FM frequencies in Dutch history. We are proud of that!

Network provider in Denmark

In this year we also win the tender from the Danish government. We are commissioned to review the Danish FM frequency plan ánd we become a network provider in Denmark.


On to Belgium

The 2001 ‘provisional’ frequency plan for Belgium is becoming definitive and we are implementing it. Here we are in Antwerp.

We are going to Georgia and Spain!

We move further out into the world. Broadcast Partners conducts projects in Georgia and Spain. Interesting and challenging to be able to do our work in these countries!


A revamped FM infrastructure network

The year we win the tender from the Dutch Public Broadcasters. This makes Broadcast Partners the network operator for all four public national FM networks. Before the actual effective date of the contract, we will renew the entire FM infrastructure network.


We are going to Armenia!

Broadcast Partners is increasingly crossing borders, this time for an assignment in Armenia. The beautiful view almost made us forget the extreme cold. We were able to do a nice job there too, job completed!




We are working on a new DAB+ network

Once again we win a tender, this time for the national DAB+ network. Exciting to be able to work on a new digital network! This network was realized within the requested three months.

FM distribution for three major regional broadcasters

In this year Broadcast Partners is allowed to provide FM distribution for three major regional broadcasters in the Netherlands. A challenge in which we may again deliver beautiful work to well-known broadcasters in the Netherlands!


AerOn Studio takes to the skies and to Germany!

We launch the new professional radio automation system AerOn Studio! In this year Broadcast Partners also becomes a major shareholder at Divicon Media in Germany. Here you can see a nice picture of our working visit to Germany.

The introduction of SmartRadio!

In this year we are launching the new Visual Radio software AerOn Visual as well as Radix for DAB+. In this year the AerOn Axemble DAB+ multiplexer, developed by Broadcast Partners, will be launched and we will start with the introduction of SmartRadio!


Two new FM networks realized

Broadcast Partners ensures that two new national FM networks become operational in the Netherlands. A successful job by our team of engineers!

We are going to work on a new nationwide DAB network!

In this year, we are proud to win the contract for a new nationwide DAB network! We are going to work on the new digital network and then roll it out nationwide.


Best of Show AWARD at the IBC!

Broadcast Partners wins the Best of Show award at the IBC in Amsterdam for SmartRadio! Proud! And in this year, the aXemble Cloud solutions become available to users.

VRT makes use of SmartRadio!

VRT is going to make use of SmartRadio. A milestone! Making radio in the Cloud, remotely, who wouldn’t want that? SmartRadio is gaining ground among well-known broadcasters as well.


Introduction of the Dutch Media Exchange

In the first quarter of 2021 Broadcast Partners will introduce the Dutch Media Exchange in partnership with Jet-Stream, Angry Bytes and MedLi for local broadcasters!

We continue to grow!

Did you know that many people from the old photos still work at Broadcast Partners? Since 1979, we have grown tremendously and we continue to grow. We currently have about 75+ valued employees in our company!


About Robert-jan,
founder Broadcast Partners

Robert-jan has spent over forty years building and working on Broadcast Partners, TBG and Ontower.


Appointment of new management

Broadcast Partners’ board of directors has been expanded, reflecting the strength of the company’s growth. The board now consists of Laura Waverijn, Werner de Schepper and Pascal Levrier. They will run the company collegially with a division of labor that means Laura will take care of the general management, Pascal will direct the operational matters related to the transmitter networks and Werner will manage the remaining technology. There is, of course, some overlap between the portfolios. Robert-jan will remain involved in the management and will concentrate mainly on the commercial affairs and strategic development of the company.

From left to right, Laura, Werner & Pascal

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