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Radio studios

* Do I go for analog or digital?
* Which mixing console fits my needs?
* Which microphone suits me best?
* How do I arrange my audio routing?
* What budget should I allocate?

These are just some of the questions that may come into play when you want to build a home or radio studio.
We understand better than anyone how difficult it is to get a good answer to this.
As a Broadcast Partner, we have the right knowledge and are happy to help you with your questions.
We will work with you to find the most optimal interpretation for your plans. Contact us for a personal, no-obligation consultation!

A look at our customers

RTV Altena

For this broadcaster, we were able to supply a beautiful studio with the digital and modular D&R Axum mixing console as a basis. The relatively new Dante Audio over IP (AoIP) plug-in card has thus created a kind of hybrid mixer where audio sources are partly traditionally connected to the Axum core via digital and analog inputs, but where other sources are simply brought in from the AoIP network via a single network cable. A compact 9″ screen was deployed for the gauges. The Axum, with motorized faders, is infinitely configurable, and thus adaptable to virtually any situation.

This studio continued to use the StijnW furniture, but at the request of the broadcaster the furniture was mirrored. This furniture at standing height and executed with a beautiful wood print, is characterized by excellent sightlines from technician and co-host to the 3 guest positions. The lighting in the edge of the furniture switches nicely with an active microphone. Furthermore, the M!ka microphone arms are individually equipped with a 2-color LED light to indicate when the respective microphone is off or on.

Telephony handling takes place via the Axum Hybrid plug-in card which gives you instant access to 4 (analog) hybrids. For AerOn Studio, a virtual Dante sound card is placed in the computer so that all AerOn outputs are put on the AoIP network via an additional network card and, as mentioned above, can be brought back in at the Axum.

Galaxy Studio

For this studio, we started from a full audio over IP (AoIP) concept and in this case based on the Livewire protocol. Therefore, the Axia iQx mixing console no longer possesses a core with analog or digital AES/EBU inputs or outputs, but works exclusively with AoIP signals available on the network. These signals are thus taken off the network by the Axia iQx on the one hand and put back on on the other hand. Of course, in places where it is most practical, all sources should be used first with interfaces from e.g. Axia or Sonifex to be put on the network. Then all those resources are available throughout the property to be pulled from this network where needed. Either through the Axia iQx mixing console or through separate interfaces such as Axia xNodes. For fully AoIP-based studios, the quality of the switch plays an important role and the network must be properly configured.

For telephony, Telos’ iQ6 6-channel talk show system was chosen in combination with a vSet6 phone and XScreen call-screening software. The StijnW furniture is constructed in standing height and has excellent sight lines from technician and co-host to the 3 guest positions. All M!ka microphone arms are equipped with light indication and the edge in the furniture switches along with the general on-air indication. By predominantly choosing the low “TV” M!ka arms, there are good sight lines for Visual Radio.

For Visual Radio, we supplied Minrray’s excellent, yet affordable PTZ cameras. Aeta’s µScoop codecs can then be used to make high-quality bi-directional connections. Acoustics were also considered with two large photo panels with designs supplied by the broadcaster himself, which were applied to a 5cm thick acoustic material to counteract reflections in the room. 2 birds with one stone, in other words.

BUAS Breda

At this educational institution, the radio studio had to be the immediate eye-catcher upon entering, also overlooking the cafeteria. This is where our KA furniture comes into its own. The furniture is made at standing height with a wood print to match the architect’s color schemes.

The digital Axia iQ was chosen as the mixing console because its core has a lot to connect to it and because it provides a nice mix between Audio over IP (AoIP) and traditional (analog and digital AES/EBU sources). All audio channels of the AerOn Studio radio automation are connected to the mixing console with a multi-channel Livewire AoIP driver via a single network cable. For telephony, the Comrex VH2 dual VoIP hybrid was again used with matching telephone handset.

With the Axia Mixed signal xNode in another room, signals can also be put on or taken off the Audio over IP (AoIP) network, which in practice means that with just a single network cable, multiple signals can be exchanged between the studio and, say, the cafeteria.

The mostly low M!ka microphone arms allow the PTZ cameras for Visual Radio to pick up faces properly. Finally, the Orban sound processing ensures a nice homogeneous stream sound.

Lanaken - LRL

For this project, we still had to put up a functioning studio with nice-looking furniture in a fairly compact space. The digital Axia iQ (not to be confused with the iQx) was chosen as the mixing console, which is a nice mix between Audio over IP (AoIP) and traditional with core for connecting analog and digital AES/EBU sources. For many local stations, this is an ideal combination.

As furniture the electronically height-adjustable OvalO furniture with beautiful wood print and for telephony the Comrex VH2 dual VoIP hybrid. The various audio channels of the automation are put on the network with the multi-channel Livewire AoIP driver via a single network cable and taken off at the mixing console.

Furthermore, the handsome M!ka monitor and microphone arms with LED indication were used, and the Shure SM7 microphones ensure that crosstalk and reflections from the glass walls are suppressed as much as possible.

Connections are via the Telos Z/IP stream and the AETA µScoop, and for sound processing there is a fine Orban Optimod 5500i in the studio, with our Radix software providing the dynamic RDS.


Recently, we have updated our in-house showroom. A multi-purpose space where we can host clients for product demos, podcasts and talks. Come experience radio and discover the possibilities! Schedule an appointment at info@broadcastpartners.nl



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