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D&R Axite 12 fader digital broadcast mixing console

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The D&R Axite is based on the well-known Axum. So this modular fully pre-programmed mixer can also grow with your station at any time. In fact, the I/O cards can be shared between your systems when using Axite as the main mixer. With a 6 (Alp) fader desktop, the D&R Axite can be used both small locally and with up to 128 processing channels for production work and everything in between. With the Axite you can easily choose one of hundreds of functions from a database to select e.g. what a fader does for you. But more complex things like sharing I/O cards from 2 separate studios or sharing I/O rack components are also among the possibilities. Depending on your needs, you can connect the Axite using a Rack ONE with 21 I/O cards with one slot or even 37 I/O cards on one slot if you choose the Rack TWO. More Further features of this Axite include:

  • control surfaces connected via Ethernet
  • Scalable on-air/production console
  • Separate control surfaces and I/O racks
  • Pre-programmed internal website for console settings
  • I/O matrix of 1280 x 1280
  • 16 stereo buses (Prog, Sub,Comm and 12x Aux)
  • Inputs can be directly assigned to the outputs
  • 128 stereo DSP channels max (4 DSP cards inserted)
  • 6-band extended EQ
  • 24bit converters / 96kHz
  • On-Air & Phone indication on screen
  • Dante-compatible

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