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AxelTech Oxygen 3000 Plus Digital Mixer – 16 Faders, 16x Dante (2x audio board I/O) Double IN/OUT

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The Oxygen 3000 Plus is a digital mixer available in 3 different sizes and flexible configurations; 8, 12 and 16 faders with 1 or 2 audio I/O boards and 16 + 16 or 32 + 32 Dante™. In addition, the Oxygen 3000 Plus is equipped with a full range of powerful features for both On-Air and Production work. Standard features include Low Latency, User Preset, Smart Keys, EQ, Compressors, Telephone Hybrid, HDMI Output, Analog and Digital I/O, USB, Bluetooth, Dante™ AoIP, Telco, Presenter Talk Box and Streaming In/Out. The DSP-based processing guarantees high-quality audio and, of course, you will find the ease of use that characterizes all AxelTech products. Finally, as on every Oxygen model, the Oxygen Remoter Software, which allows up to 8 additional virtual faders for full I/O control, is also available on this Oxygen 3000 Plus.

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