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Symetrix Prism 4×4 DSP Composer 1/2 Rack (4xIN/4xOUT)

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The Symetrix Prism 4×4 is a versatile device suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including live sound, broadcast, conference systems, and installations for amplifying speech and music in public spaces. To this end, the Prism uses a digital DSP designed for professional audio applications. The unit has four inputs and four outputs as standard, as well as a range of digital signal processing and routing capabilities. Before the final signal can be routed to various locations, it can be fitted with digital EQ, compression delay and other effects. The Prism can be configured and controlled via a graphical user interface (GUI) running on a computer, or via an external control panel. The Prism 4×4 can be expanded by 128 (64×64) Dante channels if desired. For more information on this look at part number 80103.

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