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RVR PTR-LCD – Link transmitter 200-960 MHz

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This RVR PTR-LCD Link transmitter combined with the RVR RXRL-LCD Link receiver makes a perfect combination to establish a connection between two locations. This unit has a mono and an MPX output to provide the signal directly to the transmitter. Optionally and AF-factory, this transmitter can also be fitted with a stereo decoder card making the STL also suitable for reportage work.

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Technical specification / Manual
This RVR PTR-LCD transmitter, in combination with the RVR RXRL-LCD receiver, forms a perfect combination to establish a high-quality audio connection between the studio and elsewhere placed transmitter towers. Also known as STL (Studio-to-Transmitter Link). In doing so, it is important that it is a sight connection. In addition, this link transmitter can also be used as a reporter transmitter and is suitable for transporting mono & MPX signals. Prefer stereo? Optionally and ex-factory, a stereo coder can be installed. The RVR PTRL LCD has an adjustable power output from 0 to 10 watts.
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