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Axia xNode Compact IP – “Microphone xNode”

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The Axia microphone xNode is a compact (1HE) 9.5 x 11 AoIP interface. The Xnode does not have a fan so the unit can be placed in a rack, on the wall or silently next to your microphone clusters with the optional brackets. This 16-channel xNode offers 4 microphone inputs with switchable phantom power. The pre-amps are adjustable from -74dBu to -19dBu. The 8 mono or 4 stereo balanced line-level outputs for headphone or monitor feeds, are accessed via easy-to-install RJ-45 connectors or high-density DB-25 ports. The Axia microphone xNode can be used not only as a microphone preamplifier but also as a multi-input A/D converter, or as the stage-end of a digital snake. In addition, the microphone xNode features dual Ethernet ports for connection to fully redundant networks. On models that have it, the internal power supply automatically switches to PoE backup power when needed.

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