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RVR TEX30LCD/S – 30 Watt FM Transmitter

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This TEX 30 LCD/s FM transmitter from RVR Elettronica with digital control is quick and easy to install. In addition to a built-in stereo coder, the entire TEX series features a “Fold-Back” function. As a result, the transmitter always remains On Air, even if a failure occurs in the further chain of the transmitting system (SWR). The TEX30 LCD/s is only 2HE and comes with a clear readable display that provides information on power, frequency, measurements, etc. The power of this transmitter is also adjustable from 10 to 30 watts. In addition to an RDS coder, the TEX30 LCD/s can be optionally equipped with integrated telemetry and an SMS alarm by means of an internal GSM modem with battery and charger.

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