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RVR RDS-TEX2HE – RDS coder for RVR TEX series

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Depending on the model, this unit provides static or dynamic RDS support for the most common services provided by UECP, such as: TMC, ODA, TDC, IH, EWS, RT and Radio Text plus. The encoder can manage up to 8 complete data sets, each with 1 main PS and 10 EON. All units are based on fully digital technology to ensure very high quality modulation and spectral purity. If you want to equip your new transmitter with this option please indicate this when ordering. Your new transmitter will then come factory-direct with this option.

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Technical specification / Manual
RDS option for the TEX30, TEX50, TEX100, TEX150 and TEX300; incl. comprehensive software for configuring the RDS system and programming various RDS messages.u00a0</span>It supports standard RDS functionality such asu00a0Program Service Name, Radio text, PTY. Alternative frequencies and traffic information.
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