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Orban Optimod Trio AM, FM, Digital Audio Processor

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Three powerful audio processors in one compact enclosure? It’s possible with the Orban OPTIMOD Trio. In fact, this versatile device can be tuned to three different audio processing modes: AM, FM or HD Radio/DAB+/Streaming. In HD mode, Trio even provides audio processing for television. So whether you are looking for a flexible backup solution, your audio processing needs have changed or you are simply striving for optimal audio quality…The OPTIMOD Trio can do it! In FM mode, the OPTIMOD Trio offers four processing structures: five-band, five-band with low latency, five-band with ultra-low latency and two-band. In addition, the unit can serve nicely as an independent stereo coder with only 2 msec latency and full overshoot limiting in both the left/right and composite baseband domains. The customizable ITU BS.412 Multiplex Power Controller smoothly and reliably regulates MPX power to meet regulations in countries where it is regulated. The built-in RDS/RBDS generator supports dynamic PS scrolling and IP access. When using FM mode, the optional μMPX interface allows digital MPX to be transmitted via IP. For AM mode, the Orban OPTIMOD Trio offers excellent sound quality for AM broadcasts on shortwave, mediumwave and longwave. The unit improves the density and loudness of the program material through multiband reduction and multiband distortion, suppresses clipping, improves the consistency of the transmitter sound, and increases loudness and definition without audible side effects. The high- and low-frequency rolloffs common in AM receivers are compensated for by a fully adjustable program equalizer, which provides up to 20 dB of high-frequency gain (at 5 kHz), without the side effects typically found with conventional processors. In HD Operating Mode, you have a choice between a five-band processing structure for consistent sound with good loudness control and a two-band processing structure for transparent sound that maintains the frequency balance of the original program material while effectively controlling subjective loudness. The “True Peak” limiter anticipates and regulates peak levels after D/A conversion, a feature now frequently demanded by broadcasters. Orbans’ PreCode™ technology allows various aspects of the audio to be adjusted to minimize artifacts caused by the low bitrate codecs commonly used in HD Radio™, DAB+ and streaming. Finally, the Orban OPTIMOD Trio can be configured and operated via any HTML5 web browser. In addition, SNMP v2 is supported. The Ember+ protocol will also be added in the future.

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