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Orban Optimod 6300 – DAB+/HD Radio/Streaming Audio Processor

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This Orban OPTIMOD 6300 specializes in driving digital media such as DAB, DAB+ , DRM, FMeXtra, HD-Radio and Netcasting (webstream). The redesigned ratio and knee controls also make this device ideally suited for applications where very subtle audio compression is desired, such as studio mastering. Due to the minimal delay (< 5 milliseconds), the processor is also perfectly usable in a radio studio as a headphone processor. Current (data) compression techniques such as MPEG, AAC require a totally new approach to sound processing. Techniques such as those used for analog FM stations, where maximum loudness is desired, are unsuitable for processing digital signals that use data compression. The OPTIMOD 6300 takes all this into account, including the use of Orban’s Precode technology to manipulate the audio in the ideal way for digital transport. As a result, even at extremely low bitrates, very few “artifacts” are audible to the listener in the audio. True-to-life reproduction of digital signals with low bandwidth is therefore within reach with the Orban OPTIMOD 6300.


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