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Orban Optimod 5950 FM, DAB+/HD Audio Processor

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Despite its compact design of only 1 rack unit, the Orban OPTIMOD 5950 offers a powerful range of features. One of the most notable features is Orban’s groundbreaking MX Peak Limiter technology. With a high-resolution touch screen and remote control capability via any HTML5 web browser, the OPTIMOD 5950 combines user-friendly operation with high-quality OPTIMOD audio processing for both FM and DAB+/HD radio broadcasts. The OPTIMOD 5950 features a variety of inputs and outputs, including analog, AES3, composite, digital MPX and AES67/SMPTE-ST2110. This allows the processor to be easily integrated into a wide variety of studio and transmitter environments. In addition, the optional μMPX enables cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP. This version of the OPTIMOD 5950 features Orban’s latest audio processing features, such as the MX Peak Limiter to minimize distortion, a Subharmonic Synthesizer for powerful bass, and a Multipath Mitigator/Phase that reduces multipath distortion without affecting stereo separation. There is also a built-in RDS/RBDS generator that supports dynamic PS scrolling and IP access. In addition, the SNMP v2 protocol is supported for remote control and monitoring. At a later stage, Ember+ will also be integrated.

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