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Orban Optimod 5750 FM, DAB+/HD Audio Processor

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The OPTIMOD 5750 is the successor to the OPTIMOD 5700i and offers comprehensive processing for both FM, DAB+ and HD streaming. This processor of only 1 HE is equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen. In addition, this unit can be controlled remotely via any HTML5 Web browser. It features various inputs and outputs, including analog, AES3, composite, digital MPX and AES67/SMPTE-ST2110, allowing seamless integration into any studio and transmitter environment. The optional μMPX enables cost-effective transmission of digital MPX signals over IP. Four processing structures are available that can be selected based on the application and user requirements: five bands, five low-latency bands, five ultra-low-latency bands and two bands. A smart two-band window-gated AGC subtly and unobtrusively controls levels. In addition, the digital processing path provides a “True Peak” limiter that anticipates and controls peak levels after D/A conversion, a feature frequently required by broadcasters today. With the switchable ITU BS.412 Multiplex Power Controller smoothly and reliably limits MPX power in accordance with regulations in countries that require it. The OPTIMOD 5750 also integrates ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Control, making compliance with modern target loudness recommendations, such as EBU R128, easier.

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