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2WCOM MPX-1G – RDS Encoder

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2WCOM’s MPX-1g is an all-in-one RDS encoder, stereo generator, AoIP / MPXoIP codec and FM / DAB rebroadcast receiver. The MPX-1g is designed for MPX generation where all components such as stereo generator, RDS encoder or MPX over IP codec are flexibly combinable, saving rack space and money. In addition, the devices are RDS2 and µMPX ready and support all standards and protocols for Internet interoperability. The MPX1G allows the entire MPX signal, including audio, pilot and RDS, to be combined to provide a 100% “lossless” connection. If bandwidth conservation is an issue, the MPX-1G offers several options for this. Thus, it is possible to create the MPX signal with only audio and a pilot tone. In this case, the RDS data is transmitted separately or added on the station’s site. In addition, broadcasters can choose to use µMPX for lower-bandwidth IP connections and narrowband STL channels. By enabling µMPX mode, the MPX-1g can operate at bandwidths as low as 320 kbps. Finally, it is also possible to transmit the MPX signal via satellite by MPE bundling in the studio and by one of the optional 2WCom satellite tuners.

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