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AVT MAGIC TH1 Go – 1 channel telephone hybrid for VoIP and POTS

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MAGIC TH1 Go can be configured in two ways: via the LAN interface as a 1-channel VoIP hybrid or via the analog interface as a 1-channel POTS hybrid (analog a/b telephone lines). By default, the TH1 offers 3.1 KHz phone quality but with the optional VoIP option this can even be made into HD Voice 7 KHz (G.722). So that means using twice the audio bandwidth which results in much higher speech intelligibility. In addition to front-panel operation, the TH1 can also be easily controlled via an HTML5-compatible web browser. With the optional Windows PC software, in addition to a SQL database, configuration of available software extensions, such as AES67 or Pretalk Streaming, becomes available. Alternatively or in parallel, another POTS phone can be connected to the MAGIC TH1 Go Hybrids. This phone also allows full control of the system. Unlike other solutions, a relay does not disconnect the phone from the hybrid after talking to the caller, but allows full control of every line status.

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