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AxelTech Macrotel X1 Digital Tel. hybrid (1x line POTS/BlueTooth)

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The AxelTech Macrotel X is a phone hybrid based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that allows real-time operation and the highest audio performance. This technology makes both the Macrotel X1 Multimode and Macrotel X2 Multimode among the most advanced devices in telephone interface technology and allows management of one or two telephone connections: POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) fixed line, VoIP, Bluetooth or GSM (with optional interface). With the Macrotel X2 Multimode, even any technology combination is possible.
Audio enhancement features are specially designed to ensure the best quality in phone calls. Therefore, this hybrid should also be considered a telephone audio processor capable of shaping the sound to optimize the efficiency of each phone call. In fact, the Macrotel X Multimode series integrates a powerful DSP system that handles the processing of the telephone signal

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Macrotel X1 – Digital tel. hybrid, 1 line POTS/BlueTooth

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