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DEVA Broadcast DB9009-RX – Advanced Audio over IP Decoder

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This DEVA Broadcast DB9009-RX is an integrated client for digital audio signals over IP. In doing so, supports HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio streams and PCM uncompressed streams for a connection without quality loss. Decoding is done in real time by a powerful DSP processor and the output is available in both analog and digital form. The DEVA Broadcast DB9009-RX has an integrated backup player so it won’t go silent if the connection were to go down. With the optional Stereo and RDS encoder, the DEVA DB9009-RX even becomes a full-fledged unit for re-broadcasting. The Stereo encoder features its own DSP processor that generates a fully digital MPX signal with high stereo quality. With its RS-232 port, the DB9009-RX can also be used as an Ethernet to RS-232 converter to control downstream equipment over the Internet. The DB9009-RX allows existing audio systems to be easily connected to the Internet. For convenience, the DB9009-RX can be operated and managed via a standard Web browser, PC, PDA or similar. The DEVA Broadcast DB9009-RX makes a nice combination with the DB9009-TX.

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