The DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Roland

Roland Kooiker

Finance Team Leader

I get a lot of space and work with very nice enthusiastic colleagues.

My background as a Broadcast Partner

After moving from busy Rotterdam to spacious Zeeland, I looked for a suitable job nearby. I had a lot of experience as a financial with international manufacturing companies. I have always loved the complexity and engagement in that kind of environment. Besides the legal role you have as a financial such as financial statements and tax matters, I find it essential to add value to an organization. In your legal role, you are an expense when your main goal is to contribute to the healthy growth and profitability of an organization. So getting close to the business and making connections with other disciplines within an organization. You need space and support for that. Through an agency, I was alerted to the financial manager job opening at Broadcast Partners. In the first conversation, it was immediately clear that Broadcast Partners’ management’s vision of the finance function matched my ideas almost 1 to 1. And that is borne out in practice. I get a lot of space and work with very nice enthusiastic colleagues.

Broadcast Partners’ DNA as an organization

Broadcast Partners is an eager organization. Constantly working on product innovations, commercial opportunities and improvements. It is an austere company. We don’t shout it from the rooftops, but the enthusiasm is enormous. There is a high degree of teamwork. People here really care about each other. We could well show ourselves a little more. It is also a down-to-earth company that knows how to get down to business; for a Rotterdam native in Zeeland, a delightful combo. Funnily enough, without realizing it, I have been a Broadcast Partners client all my life. Who doesn’t listen to the radio?

The song that Roland’s radio goes louder for

Broadcast Partners
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