The DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Mart

Mart Kik

Assembler of transmitter parks and with Broadcast Partners since 2008. It sounds so cliché, but my work is so varied and I get to visit so many places.

Broadcast Partners stole my radio heart

In 1989 I was born in Zierikzee and my parents had a bakery in Brouwershaven. During my school vacations, I helped bake currant buns, rolls and other treats with fresh reluctance. In the bakery, the radio was always on. My father used to have a pirate station called Radio Smalstad. Private radio was not allowed at that time, and my father was caught out. Despite lawyer Moszkowicz assisting him in court, he still had to turn in his equipment and pay a fine. Years later; my father had mixing consoles, microphones and cabinets full of records and CDs, but my interest in radio was not there yet, until my father took me to the station of Radio Schouwen-Duiveland and there my radio heart awoke. From then on, I went along every Saturday and sat and watched the guy behind the big mixing board do the engineering of the radio station. After that, I was in radio for years besides school. So it was really instilled in me. After VMBO, I went to do a course in Image, Light and Sound. I completed that and ran into further training in Metal and Electrical. I did not finish that one, due to the travel distance Rotterdam – Brouwershaven by public transportation. I was done with school and I’m more of a hands-on guy anyway. By chance, my mother saw an ad from Broadcast Partners. I already knew this company from the other side of the mixing desk, so I didn’t need to look any further. I was allowed to apply for a job and I was given HF schedules in front of me, I really didn’t know what it was. I have never had such a bad job interview, with half an hour I got back in the car thinking “this is not going to be anything at all. And then Pascal, one of the now technical directors of Broadcast Partners called if I had time the following week. I was allowed to start soldering cables in the workshop and a few weeks later I went with the work van to my first job in Belgium. Those were truly adventures. Broadcast Partners gives you the confidence and you just go ahead and do it. After six months, I was given an envelope of Danish Kroner and went to Denmark for a week for Radio 100, a radio station set up at the time by John de Mol. I still enjoy working at Broadcast Partners and occasionally still make a radio broadcast at Omroep Zeeland on a freelance basis.

My DNA as a Broadcast Partner

If you like adventure, car driving and variety, you’ll be in the right place at Broadcast Partners. You get to deal with so many facets in your work. I deal with Voltage, metal, Rf engineering, ip and ict and I work at height. Telecom is a broad term. And the variety is also in the daily work. One day I go to Belgium and join a local radio station and replace a transmitter there, the next day I build a studio. I go to so many places. Broadcast Partners values freedom. You have to show yourself and when they realize here that they can send you for a message, you get all the space you need to do your job. What I also like is that Broadcast Partners is a company that is short on time. I don’t have to keep lists, clock in, clock out, consult or record a lot. The client has a question or desire, we look at how to approach it, and we get to work. That way of working suits me well. It makes me proud when I have fixed silences caused by radio interference and the transmitter is working again when we drive back. What I also like is that I regularly get in touch with the DJs of the various radio stations. If you have an affinity for technology and you enjoy working at an informal and approachable company where it really is never boring, then Broadcast Partners in Terneuzen is the nicest employer.
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