Streekstad Centraal starts DAB+ broadcasts

Streekstad Centraal can now also be heard on DAB+ channel 7B in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. The local channels Alkmaar, Heerhugowaard, Langedijk and since some time also Duinstreek Centraal are working closely together under this new name.

“It not only means that our radio broadcasts are now future-proofed, but also that we have more options and more reach,” explained Region City Director Richard van der Veen. “The most illustrative thing is that we have room to have a radio station on the air right now for a municipality that doesn’t even officially exist yet.” Van der Veen is referring to radio Dijk & Waard, which focuses on the future merger municipality of Dijk and Waard.

Up to twelve channels fit on the frequency taken into use by Streekstad Centraal, of which three have now been taken into use: Streekstad Centraal, Radio Dijk & Waard and Hitradio072. Broadcast Partners was brought in for the technical realization.

Van der Veen: “And with that we immediately offer a striking diversity. We now provide our own channel with news, information and that nice eighties feeling and a channel with a Dutch language sauce. So we are very happy with the arrival of Hitradio072 which is clearly aimed at a younger audience. To ensure that we can continue to guarantee quality and continuity after this start, we have partnered with Broadcast Partners, which already provides part of our FM network.”

Broadcast Partners
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