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On the air at Streekomroep de Bevelanden

We spoke to Streekomroep de Bevelanden about its origins, their motivation and their brand new studio.
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Did you know that: you here get a small glimpse of the studios we have completed?


When did Streekomroep de Bevelanden come into existence?


Streekomroep de Bevelanden was created in 2018 from a partnership between the Goes internet station BX Radio and Ziekenomroep Nomen Nescio. The premise was to set up a broadcaster for the region of the Bevelanden in the center of the province of Zeeland. This includes the municipalities of Borsele, Goes, Kapelle, Noord-Beveland and Reimerswaal. In the latter municipality, at the time of the founding of Streekomroep de Bevelanden, a local broadcaster was still active that wanted to expand from 1 to 3 municipalities. The local station Radio Reimerswaal became part of Streekomroep de Bevelanden in the summer of 2018.

What is your driving force and vision?


Streekomroep de Bevelanden wants to be the multimedia public platform of the Bevelanden. A platform where people can go daily for news (local to regional), culture (events, activities) and entertainment (music, lifestyle, varia). Because news and information is offered very widely, Streekomroep de Bevelanden wants to be that platform where you don’t have to look any further but where the supply of local news comes together.


What’s so great about working at a radio station?


Streekomroep de Bevelanden is a young broadcaster with an energetic group of volunteers who work daily to achieve the broadcaster’s vision. Our motto: “Don’t think in limitations but in possibilities, outside the lines is more room to color. With that said, the broadcaster offers its employees plenty of room for self-development and collaboration with each other. As a result, every level within the organization participates and thinks about the development of broadcasting. Each idea is scrutinized and discussed at length with stakeholders.


What do you think is the power of radio?


For Streekomroep de Bevelanden, the power of radio is still the ability to respond immediately to all kinds of events. Radio is traditionally a medium which, unlike other media, we also believe will not disappear. It evolves and adapts itself. The accessibility of radio to the public is enormous, which makes communicating with the public through radio always a treat. It is a medium which is constantly changing.


You recently renovated the studio, what products did you purchase and why?


In 2021, the then board of broadcasting decided that the studio of Streekomroep de Bevelanden needed an upgrade. When the broadcaster began broadcasting, it used equipment mainly from the former hospital broadcaster. Gradually some investments were made but that did not fulfill the desire. The board foresaw that the presence of 2 radio studios would be a “must” in the future; 1 for making various productions and 1 studio where the programs are made, with or without guests.

The board submitted these plans to one of Broadcast Partners’ area managers, Bart van der Velden, and he and our chief technician Ed van Loo got to work on them. A presentation to the broadcast board with options eventually led to the purchase of an Axia iQ digital mixing console, Rode Broadcaster microphones, Beyer headphones, height-adjustable studio furniture, curved monitors and more. The server room was also taken in hand with additional PCs, network cards, AerOn licenses, 2Wcom, Axia xNode and Cisco equipment. The existing studio has been rebuilt and incorporated into the network as a whole so that it too remains deployable in terms of functionality. There is also a plan for this studio to be replaced over time and made identical to the main studio.

It was a condition of the board that the studio be future-proof and meet all the set requirements. A studio where journalistic productions go hand in hand with music programs. With the arrival of the new studio, the broadcaster now has 1 fully digital studio, 1 analog/digital studio and a fully digitized server room.

Can you talk a bit more about the collaboration with Broadcast Partners?


The cooperation with Broadcast Partners is very good. There are short lines of communication that allow you to connect directly with a team of committed people without waiting times. The involvement of Broadcast Partners’ staff is especially appreciated. In Zeeland, the company has become a reliable and sought-after employer, which also says a lot about its service and accessibility. From the first contacts, we can’t help but say that we have always been helped in a correct and helpful manner. Broadcast Partners makes us feel good.

What are your further future plans?


For the radio another second digital studio and further, Streekomroep de Bevelanden wants to take a very clear place in society by, for example, also working with video productions for our social media and website, streaming or produced in advance. Integration of all disciplines within broadcasting, making radio, Internet and social media fully aligned. And very important: Streekomroep de Bevelanden wants to work on partnerships with colleagues and the regional broadcaster; Omroep Zeeland. Collaboration in content, ad sales, programs, news and knowledge sharing.

Do you have a tip for the future generation?


Make sure you have a clear vision and develop the right missions to serve that vision. Be sure to build a network with individuals and organizations that can help you develop your vision.



Interview with Streekomroep de Bevelanden – Streekomroep de Bevelanden – BEVELAND RAAKT JE!

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