New: DABaXchange

donderdag 15 oktober 2020 @ 11:56


DAB makes it possible to air pictures along with your audio signal. The DABaxchange tool allows you to change pictures by monitoring certain locations. As soon as you have loaded a new picture to that location, DABaxchange will pick it up, optimize it for DAB, and send it to your listeners’ devices. The source location can be a website (http(s)) or a network drive. Every playout system that exports pictures can deliver them to be aired on DAB. DAbaxchange supports the most common picture forms, *.jpg, *bmp., and *png. It will automatically scale images to the correct DAB pixel measurements.    

A supplied image often does not have the same aspect ratio as a broadcast DAB image of 320x240 pixels. That is why a custom background image can be set to accommodate the resulting bars when scaling with a background image of your choice. A front image can be set. This allows the logo of the radio station to be placed on top of the image. The logo is a transparent image.

The image optimized by DABaXchange is offered for DAB broadcast on a network location or uploaded by FTP to the DAB headend such as the aXemble or Fraunhofer DAB Content Server. If desired, a script can also be executed every time a new image is ready for broadcast.

In addition to images, DAB can also transmit texts up to 128 characters, which are DLS Dynamic Labels. DABaXchange keeps an eye on a location where texts for DAB DLS broadcast are offered. The location can be a website but also a network disk where the playout software exports the text for DAB broadcast. The text is presented with the DLS or RT command from the UECP protocol to the DAB headend such as the aXemble or the Fraunhofer DAB content server.