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DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Manon

Manon van Troost

Online marketing manager at Broadcast Partners

The days in the marketing department fly by. Like a spider in the web, I keep myself busy with the web shop, branding, newsletters, promotions, social media and much more.

Who am I

In my free time, I can often be found in nature with my husband, dogs or horse. I enjoy being creative as well as having a nice evening with girlfriends and friends. In 2016 I got my college degree in Business Administration, but I wanted to develop myself further. I therefore continued at the University of Antwerp after my hbo for a Master of Science in business administration. Both studies included Marketing, a subject in which you can also express your creative side. Thus, after several years in the Insurance world, I decided to take a job as a Marketer.

Growing into a role that suits you

In 2020, I met an HR employee of Broadcast Partners on the seawall of Terneuzen. In my then job as an online marketer, I was out of place, and I knew her from my time as a project officer within insurance. We got talking and before I knew it, I was invited for an introduction to Broadcast Partners. It was a very open conversation and that made me feel positive. I started as an Online Marketer at Broadcast Partners. Despite the corona time, I immediately felt welcome and found that there was a very nice atmosphere among the staff. Marketing within Broadcast Partners was at a low ebb and I was given the opportunity to build a new strategy. We saw from the numbers that the personalized approach paid off. The marketing team was therefore expanded and together we are working hard on even more new developments. At the same time, I was and am given the opportunity to develop myself through courses and personal conversations. Slowly and controlled, I grow into a different role and it feels very familiar. It seems like a sales pitch, but I’ve never felt more at home within a company.

DNA of a Broadcast Partner

You can really be yourself here. So many different people work in this company, yet we are one big tight-knit group. That’s what I like best about Broadcast Partners. Your colleagues will help you where needed and are there for you when you have a question. This made it easy for me to find my way around, since as a marketer you interact with every department. The friendliness, the freedom to share your own ideas and the togetherness are really the most important aspects for me within this organization.

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