DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Ludmila

Ludmila Sketch

Infrastructure Management You would almost think that I am walking around a construction site with a helmet, but I am not. I deal with all administrative matters surrounding our antenna network and other facility matters, such as managing our fleet of vehicles. Out of love to Broadcast Partners It was in the Czech Republic that I met my husband. We were both there on vacation when the spark struck. I was 18 and living in Russia with my parents and he said he would come to see me. I didn’t expect it to have another consequence. When I got home there was a stack of faxes waiting for me from him. In the Christmas vacations of that year, he came to visit me in Russia, and so the rest of my life began. We had a long-distance relationship. At 19, we decided to live together in the Netherlands. He already had a job and I was studying Law. My family always said I am good at figuring things out and looking at things from multiple angles. They thought the position of lawyer suited me. Once living in the Netherlands, I finished my Law studies at long distance, then I started studying Management Economics & Law at the Hogeschool Zeeland. After college, I went to work and stopped for a while when I had my first child. After the first and most intense period of caring for our children, I started looking for a job in 2016 that suited me well and where they wanted to give me a chance to develop myself further. I had registered with several employment agencies. I found the infrastructure administrator job opening at Broadcast Partners and I applied myself. Broadcast Partners gave me the opportunity to start in this position and to this day I still like it here very much. What makes it so fun is that my work is so diverse. Priorities are different for each project. The work and challenges vary from project to project. I work with all colleagues within the company. I can express a lot of myself in my daily work. The challenge in my work I sometimes find is creating oversight for colleagues. By that I mean, what is crystal clear to me because I have been dealing with the matter for a while, is blank to another person, who has no notion of the issue yet. In my head, then, the solution is already there. Broadcast Partners has actually always been very supportive of what I need. Some colleagues had indicated that they did not always understand me well. Broadcast Partners then offered me language classes. Although the instructor was unsure what to teach me next, it was a learning and fun period. The DNA of a Broadcast Partner If you work at Broadcast Partners, you are by nature no-nonsense and come a long way with common sense. You have a strong character and can handle your responsibilities well. It is important that you take initiative. You enjoy going after things yourself and figuring out issues in collaboration with your colleagues.
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