DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Jamila

Jamila van der Linden

All-round administrative assistant at Broadcast Partners I often switch between different areas of expertise in the administrative department. One month I’m shooting for the colleagues in accounts payable, the next month I’m responsible for the reports in the human resources department, and meanwhile in the finance department they’re showing me around their area of expertise. This is also what I am still being trained for; I am currently studying financial management alongside my work at Broadcast Partners. At Broadcast Partners, I get the experience I want and need for the future.

Helping fulfill my ambition

When I was young I liked to arrange things for everyone, sometimes a little too much, I interfered with all kinds of things. Then my mother always said I should become a secretary. Once I was old enough to choose, I wanted to study in the direction of flight attendant, but actually I don’t have the discipline to learn from the books. And so I began the practical route Management Assistant at Scalda. That is work-based learning, turned out to be ideal for me. In 2019, my practice route started at Broadcast Partners in Terneuzen. Here they encouraged and facilitated my development from the beginning. There is always something to do at Broadcast Partners, and I was assigned to do just that. Often I was given explanations on how to do things, but sometimes I had to figure out for myself how certain things work and that kept me well occupied. That was different at the internship I did before, there I bored myself. Here I made instructions and screenshots so that I helped myself and could easily pick it up again next time. After my internship, successfully completed my studies, Broadcast Partners offered me a job. During my practicum route, I discovered that the work in the finance department appealed to me, so I wanted to do a college degree in financial management. And I get that opportunity. In addition to my work at Broadcast Partners, I started a course in financial management. This study is being paid for me by Broadcast Partners. At the same time, this is also my biggest challenge, because studying and learning has benefits, but it is also definitely spicy.

DNA of a Broadcast Partner

As an employee of Broadcast Partners, you will be given a lot of freedom and personal responsibility. You have to feel those and be able to deal with them. You are not taken by the hand here; your own initiative is important. I noticed this during my practice route. The work is very diverse and in between you must be able to switch quickly. If you are looking for a structural package of daily work you should not come here. It suits me perfectly and I like that there is so much diversity in my work, which I need for a good focus.

The song that Jamila’s radio goes louder for

Broadcast Partners
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