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DNA of a Broadcast Partner – Ferdi

Ferdi van der Meijden

Radio Frequency Planning Engineer and with Broadcast Partners since 2019. ‘I followed my passion and ended up at Broadcast Partners’

Made my hobby my job

From a young age I have been interested in music, radio, technology and in physics. I was born in the Den Bosch area and at 18 I moved to Hilversum. Out of my interest, I started doing a course at HKU with a focus on music and sound engineering. It was a broad education within my area of interest where you can also further develop your creativity. Since the age of 14, I have been making music on the computer as a hobby. During my education, I continued to learn programming and work in a recording studio. After college, I gained experience as a sound consultant. You will be involved in measuring and calculating noise at events and residential construction. Soon I found out that that organization along with the work did not suit me and through LinkedIn I started looking for another job. I came across the vacancy of frequency planner at Broadcast Partners in Hilversum. That seemed exactly like what I wanted and it clicked perfectly with the colleagues. Once I started working, I found that I still had a lot to learn about the job of frequency planner. I thought, ‘I’ll just do that’…Well no way! My colleagues still had to teach me quite a bit. I work within my team frequency planning with two colleagues and we are closely involved with each other. The projects we get in are very diverse, which makes it fun and that makes sure I’m challenged every time and have to figure out how to do it. It’s a creative job where you have to keep thinking logically. If the chosen approach then leads to the satisfaction of the colleagues and the client then that is the crowning glory of my work. That’s what I do it for! The combination of the challenge, the elaboration of the different projects, the nice working atmosphere with nice colleagues and Broadcast Partners as market leader, makes me enjoy it here tremendously. I’m based at the Hilversum office, where we’re a small club of people compared to our headquarters in Terneuzen, but we really make something fun besides work. On Thursdays we have dinner together and often we all go to celebrate successes and relax with a game of bowling, for example.

My DNA as a Broadcast Partner

The company culture, colleagues and work environment are very important factors for me. I have always been looking for a place where I can make my hobby my job and I have found it at Broadcast Partners. When I started working here, I noticed almost immediately that the atmosphere in the workplace is positive. I am in the office with like-minded people and my colleagues are very supportive, we support each other. With the headquarters in Terneuzen, I prefer to communicate by phone, which is a lot more personal and faster than via e-mail. Contact with management is low-that’s the advantage of a flat organization like this. I am most proud of receiving positive feedback on projects that I have developed from my own understanding. That it is to the satisfaction of the customer or that my immediate colleagues indicate that what I initiated is working better than before. I can make a difference here with my abilities and that makes me feel at home here.

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