Party for WEEFF!

Party for WEEFF!

The Netherlands has some 240 local and regional broadcasters. WEEFF has been promised the “Dutch Regional Broadcasters” seal of approval as the seventh regional broadcaster in the Netherlands. Naturally, they raised a glass with NLPO to celebrate!

What does this Dutch seal of approval mean?

NLPO Foundation has developed an instrument that provides insight, to what extent broadcasters meet the criteria of the Hallmark. Examples include:


How do you like working with Broadcast Partners and what do you think of the products?

Broadcast Partners provides quality products, so we consider them one of our most reliable relationships. Whenever there are questions we are always helped in the right way by the support department, so a fine cooperation!


What are your further future plans?

We would like, as WEEFF Radio to be the forerunner of the system change in 2025. This means that the local broadcaster can continue to distinguish itself sustainably and independently. We want to use the extra money to continue developing WEEFF Radio. In addition to this, we would also like to see us bring more innovative journalistic products in the future.

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