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On the air at RTV GO!

Can you talk a little more about RTV GO?


RTV GO! has been operating since October 1988. First as Radio Winschoten. In 2004, a partnership was formed with Radio Reiderland. In 2007/2008 a TV branch was added under the name RTV Blauwestad and in 2010, after the municipal redivision, Radio Winschoten, RTV Blauwestad and Omroep Scheemda continued together under the name RTV LOGO. Since November 2016, the name change to RTV GO! and a corresponding new corporate identity has been implemented. A fresh look with the intention to go for it (GO!).

The operation of RTV GO! is in the hands of Stichting L.O.G.O. The foundation provides locally focused information and news about the municipality of Oldambt and regional information about the area surrounding the municipality of Oldambt. RTV GO! is a public local broadcaster. The broadcaster is affiliated with the NLPO foundation. RTV GO! has no reward system and works with volunteers. We are very proud of that!


What is your motive?


Our driving force is to entertain the listening public with entertainment, provide information, share music and knowledge plus give enthusiasts a clear view of how important a broadcaster ultimately is to the environment.


What target audience does RTV GO serve?


RTV GO! provides local radio, Internet and TV programs (including the Oldambt cable newspaper) for the residents of the municipality of Oldambt, residents of the East Groningen area and for (all) interested parties worldwide. RTV GO! manages social media pages on Facebook, Twitter Google+ and YouTube.


What are the highlights of RTV GO for you?


In terms of highlights, there are too many to mention. Examples are; A strong team in which each shows his/her individual commitment such as technique, editing, presentation or own support. The locations we have been privileged to use to provide live report(s). The artists, bands -or guests we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. The positive responses we received and many more….


How do you like the products, can you tell us a little more about them? What do the products add for your studio?


I like the products very much. It is a plus that the D&R Airence mixer and extension unit (which we are using now) is not too big but offers all the necessary functionality. It synchronizes very well with the music data program we use to broadcast. In addition, the DBX voice processors sound very good. We are very satisfied!


What are your further future plans?


The future especially offers collaborations like RTV G1.

RTV G1 is primarily a partnership of local broadcasters RTV GO! (Oldambt) and RTV Westerwolde (Pekela and Westerwolde) . RTV G1 can be listened to simultaneously on its own local broadcaster’s well-known frequencies.

At the administrative level, the participating local broadcasters have been meeting for years. Experience is exchanged and, from that alliance, training is organized jointly for staff (volunteers). Because reports on certain events often also appeal to listeners of fellow broadcasters, work was (and is) also being done to exchange radio programs and/or produce program specials jointly.



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