Omroep DitisHelmond wants to fulfill ambitions in a brand new radio studio.

In any case, they have a beautiful view from the newsroom of DitisHelmond! The merger of Omroep Helmond and internet platform Dit Is Onze Wijk brought a fresh wind and a brand new radio studio. The move is over and the studio is now up and running!

In any case, DitisHelmond wants to make more radio and TV for the older target group. At the same time, they want to be close to the people of Helmond and, above all, be up to date with current events in the area. Watch the introduction to the new studio and find out more about the broadcaster’s plans in this video.

Broadcast Partners delivered a specially designed studio furniture to the broadcaster, so DitisHelmond is off to a new start! On the website of DitisHelmond you can listen to live radio every day and follow the developments in Helmond closely.

We wish broadcaster DitisHelmond lots of success and fun in their new radio studio!

Broadcast Partners
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