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Now on the air: 4EVER49 Radio!


Can you tell a little more about 4EVER49 radio?


Today, Sept. 19, is the official kickoff of 4EVER49! 4EVER49 Radio is the successor to Loop Travel Radio. Loopreizen Radio was once conceived as a marketing tool for Loopreizen.nl, a travel label in the Netherlands. Loopreizen provides package tours to worldwide marathon destinations.
Through the radio heart and radio past of Jo de Graaf, executive of Loopreizen, the next step was taken and that is to today’s 49’er. In doing so, it also reaches a wider audience. 4EVER49 Radio is a Dutch radio station, which can be received via DAB+ , worldwide via the web, the 4EVER49 Radio app, the mediaplayer on the website and through many different radio portals, including TuneIn, Juke.nl and Nederlandseradio.nl.



What is your motivation and what target audience do you serve?


Bringing attention to the age perception, “serving” a target audience that is actually excluded in many areas. That is why we are called 4ever49 and we play music from the time of this group of listeners. Our target audience is, of course, the 49’ers. Cheerful and happy radio for people who are in the middle of their lives, and in the middle of it and getting out what’s in it. People who exude positivity, but certainly do not lose sight of reality, even if some have suffered scratches and dents. For this group of people, the 49ers, 4EVER49 Radio’s upbeat DJs spin a balanced mix of the hits of the past and present and pay attention to topics that 49ers find interesting. Also, 4EVER49 Radio, in partnership with the 4EVER49 Foundation, wants to give 49ers a voice.



What have you renewed recently, and how do you like working with Broadcast Partners?


Beyond our online broadcasts, we have now turned our attention to the future and thus to DAB+. We purchased the Orban 5700i through Broadcast Partners to achieve the desired audio on the DAB+ network. We are very satisfied with the installation and this choice. If there are issues then they will be addressed, the network 7D does need to be improved. But that is being worked on.



What are your further future plans?


In the future, we want to offer the target group, the 49’ers, the right environment through our foundation 4EVER49 with the voice 4EVER49 Radio. Curious? Listen to us now via DAB+ or online at https://4ever49radio.nl/

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