New stations on DAB+ channel 11B!

Local Omroep Volendam Edam, Local Omroep Landsmeer, RTV Purmerend and Radio President were recently added on DAB+ channel 11B for the municipalities of Beemster, Edam-Volendam, Landsmeer, Purmerend and Waterland. Broadcast Partners provided the technical realization. The radio stations use temporary licenses issued by Agentschap Telecom for local public and commercial radio stations. In total, there will be 22 local networks. By now, 20 of these 22 networks are up and running. The broadcasters are allowed to broadcast until August 2022. In addition to public local radio stations, many Internet stations are also taking advantage of the opportunities to broadcast locally on DAB+ in the ether through Broadcast Partners. More information on DAB+ solutions can be found at:

Broadcast Partners
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