GOD radio on DAB+ channel 7D

Can you tell a little more about GOD Radio? GOD Radio was born from the vision, that in a world full of turbulence there is a need for a positive sound of love and hope. In the United States, gospel radio stations, that is, with only gospel music in the programming, have been part of the national offerings for years. It was time that the Netherlands also got its own national gospel station. GOD Radio is an initiative of ANBI Foundation WILD Foundation and inspired by Jesus Christ. We produce powerful professional programming with impact and inspiration for believers as well as those seeking hope, love and more positivity in everyday life. GOD Radio is modern, accessible and accessible everywhere. The station that touches you and makes a difference. What is your motive? In a world full of turbulence, a positive sound is needed. There are also millions of people who do not yet know God and the Bible message. Non-profit organization WILD Foundation’s mission is therefore also to bring them closer to God through media (including FM, DAB+, Television and Online Streaming) by spreading “the good news” (=gospel) of God’s unconditional love. What target audience does GOD Radio serve? GOD Radio is aimed primarily at believers, but thus also at those seeking. GOD Radio’s programs are diverse and suitable for all ages. Thus, there will be both programs for people who are not Christian and programs with depth for people who have been studying the Bible all their lives. From entertainment to current events. God’s love and the hope given by the gospel runs like a thread through our radio broadcasts. What are the highlights of God Radio for you? Such are the numerous encouragements we have received so far from listeners all over the Netherlands and even Belgium. How did you end up with Broadcast Partners? In March 2022, the initiators of GOD Radio, who have been doing business with Broadcast Partners from various other radio projects for more than 30 years, made the decision to broadcast nationwide. We are very satisfied with Broadcast Partners’ technical expertise and infrastructure. As of June 17, 2022, GOD Radio can be received nationwide via the MTVNL network, DAB+ channel 7D. How do you like the products, can you tell us a little more about them? I like the products very much. Among other things, we use the Orban Optimod 6300 audio processing which has enabled us to achieve full State of Art Sound on DAB+. Can you tell a little more about the Orban processing that was performed? Together with Fran├žois, the sound engineer at Broadcast Partners, we were able to get the sound of GOD Radio to a high quality national level. Surely DAB+ processing is an entirely different matter than FM processing. How do you like working with Broadcast Partners? We like the cooperation very much. On behalf of GOD Radio, we would like to thank Broadcast Partners very much for the trust in our concept, the good support and thinking along in the creation and expansion of GOD Radio. What are your further future plans? We are currently building out the organization and developing presented programs, studio guests and a lot of on demand content. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]
Broadcast Partners
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