Broadcast Partners wins race for national mux 11A in Flanders.

Broadcast Partners will operate the channels for DAB ensemble 11A (commercial multiplex) in Flanders. So far, the license is held by Norkring Belgium.



DAB+ Network 11A


In late 2023, the bidding process was launched by the Flemish Media Regulator (VRM) after which several bids were evaluated based on a beauty contest. VRM, after reviewing the submissions, identified Broadcast Partners’ bid as the best proposal. Effective June 21, the current operator’s license will be transferred to Broadcast Partners. Due to the change of operator, adjustments must be made to the transmission towers. “Preparations are in full swing. Listeners are not expected to be affected by the operator transition.” Broadcast Partners is also the station operator for commercial stations in Flanders on FM such as Q-Music, Joe and Nostalgie. Also, Broadcast Partners has been managing the DAB network for VRT since 2018.

Interested broadcasters wishing to broadcast on DAB Multiplex 11A can apply here.

Broadcast Partners
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