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Broadcast Partners adds 2wcom’s Multi-Channel Cloud to SmartRadio

Broadcast Partners is pleased to announce the successful integration of 2wcom’s MoIN, multi-channel cloud software into SmartRadio, the radio industry’s leading Cloud Radio Production Service. MoIN will expand SmartRadio’s “Audio Playout as-a-Service” capabilities to include encoding and streaming multiple audio channels simultaneously.

“We are very pleased to partner with 2wcom to integrate their industry-leading and robust Audio-over-IP solution, making our SmartRadio the most flexible Radio Production service available in the Cloud today.”

Robert-Jan van der Hoeven, CEO of Broadcast Partners

“As a partner, we are pleased that Broadcast Partners has chosen MoIN software to expand their SmartRadio platform with enhanced streaming and transcoding features. SmartRadio integrates many applications from well-known vendors and we are pleased to be part of the platform.”

Leif Cipriani, CTO of 2wcom Systems GmbH

Both Broadcast Partners and 2wcom will be present at the Hamburg Open trade show on June 1 and 2, 2022. Don’t hesitate to visit Broadcast Partners and 2wcom Systems GmbH.

About Broadcast Partners and SmartRadio

Broadcast Partners exists since 1979 and takes care of the transmitter park of all major stations in the Netherlands and Belgium. We provide everything in radio from a simple cable, to complete studios, playout software and complete FM/DAB networks.

SmartRadio offers you radio “as-a-service”, modular, cloud based and scalable to your needs. SmartRadio is designed to help with the transition to multichannel, multi-device and faster than ever by creating a new way of producing radio in the Cloud, no longer wasting investment and resources on hardware that often ends up being redundant or in need of renewal after a few years.

About 2wcom and MoIN

With over 20 years of proven track record, 2wcom is an established global manufacturer and supplier of professional broadcast hardware and software solutions. We contribute to the success of our global customers by providing high-quality equipment, first-class service and support. To support broadcasters in the time of digital transition, we have developed the MoIN software series and the 4audio hardware series. Our headquarters are located in Flensburg, Germany.

The MoIN Multimedia over IP Network software is built in Germany.” MoIN is easily adapted into broadcast ecosystems that connect remote producers, studios, streaming, distribution and CDN/OTT.

Broadcast Partners