6 months of Smartradio – Radio Singjaal!

Leuven, BE – in 2019, 36 years after the start of Radio Singjaal, the popular station from Leuven was revived by a few faithful. With a brand new studio, the new name – Radio Singjaal – and an experienced team of enthusiastic volunteers, Radio Singjaal is now making a comeback as an online station at

One year after launching, Radio Singjaal is adopting SmartRadio, Broadcast Partners’ Radio-as-a-service solution. This new way of radio production fits well into the picture of Radio Singjaal. This merges the various programs, produced in different locations, into fantastic radio programming, daily from 07:00 to 24:00.

“SmartRadio has been providing Radio Singjaal employees with the flexibility to perform their specialty work at a location convenient to them for the past 6 months. Through this cloud solution, we have access to our station anywhere and anytime… “explains initiator Geert Kinnaert. “Our programmers are doing an excellent job and SmartRadio helps us to connect our programs, stream them online and make them available on-demand. All programs are normalized to -9dB upon import, provided with automatic start points, and on the back end, Smart Processing provides great sound. Because of SmartRadio’s modular design, we only rent the modules we need and can easily expand in the future if desired. “

“How cool to see how the love of radio can lead to great projects like this.” tells Edward Hotchkin, Sales Manager at Broadcast Partners. ” Listening to the station or visiting Singjaal, you notice how involved all the volunteers are with the station, a real recipe for success. So you see that SmartRadio is suitable for all kinds of radio stations, local, regional and/or national.” SmartRadio also provides web- and cloud-based proper handling of news broadcasts on Radio Singjaal and in addition extensive now and next on air metadata is available on the site and App. Radio Singjaal schedules its programming with the Smart Scheduler which connects live to the database and Smart Non Stop Player.

Radio Singjaal can be listened to via the website and via the Radio Singjaal App for Windows, Google Play and IOS. For more information on SmartRadio, visit

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