Software highlights & dashboard

The aXemble head-end and aXemble encoder can be controlled with aXemble web based dashboard software.

The possibilities and the user experience of the Dashboard Software can be optimized and expanded with the use of existing, already developed, and future, to be developed, web based software modules.

The Dashboard Software:

  • can be used to setup and control the aXemble encoder and aXemble head-end online;
  • shows a clear overview of the on- and off air services. Detailed information about the performance of aXemble hardware is available and easy to modify;
  • uses modern HTML5 architecture for real time data status presentation such as audio levels, encoder profiles and DLS and SLS metadata;
  • can be used on desktop and mobile devices and supports SNMP monitoring;
  • can be used to add and edit all new audio sources in the Audio Sources menu;
  • can be used to add all required information for basic settings in the service such as for example name, DAB+ label, protection-level, bitrate and DLS and SLS configuration;
  • can be used for edit and defining the general multiplex-services such as SFN, MFN, shortlabel, country-code and defining unicast/multicast destination point configuration;
  • allows all maintenance- and setup configurations such as NTP parameters, security passwords, IP range- defining and firmware-update.