Release updated version DAB+ headend aXemble

donderdag 25 mei 2017 @ 15:47

Broadcast Partners launches an updated version of their newest product aXemble. September 2016 at International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam aXemble was in prerelease. Last months the product has been updated with the latest technology. This results in a full option encoder and integrated multiplexer, a headend for DAB+ transmission. Also available: a standalone aXemble encoder.

aXemble headend

The unit can encode multiple sources: AES/EBU, Livewire/AES67, Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM streams. Depending on chosen bandwidth and bitrate, highest possible audio quality will be available. Also analogue audio sources can be handled.

In the aXemble AAC+ encoder, different bitrates and bandwidths are adjustable from 32kbps to a maximum of 192 kbps in each channel. In the error level protection fields aXemble provides 8 different options. EEP 1-A till EEP EEP 4-A, and EEP 1-B till EEP 4-B.

Standard the headend gives MOT Slideshow and DLS services. Main feature of the aXemble is the remote interface. Modifications can be done by a frontend knob. But the webbased interface gives the possibility to have a complete dashboard view and modifications of the on- and off air services.

Services overview in aXemble

At the other webbased pages of aXemble a very detailled overview of encoders, on air multiplex, services and audio sources. At this pages managing of all services is easy to handle.

Communication between aXemble and DAB+ transmitters will be done on EDI protocol. Remote support and installing updates at the aXemble is possible. DAB+ protocol is ETS102563.

Excellent support and development

Broadcast Partners did succesfully launch aXemble recently at different sites in The Netherlands and has long experience of DAB+ systems and complex setups for commercial and public broadcasters in The Netherlands. Key focus is to provide excellent support and development.

The aXemble userinterface is webbased and using a modern architecture. The system uses HTML5 with realtime status updating for all data. The information in the webinterface is updated and presented in real time, for example meters for audio services including metadata. The web interface is responsive to be used with mobile devices. The system supports SNMP for monitoring.
Broadcast Partners serves the Belgium and Dutch market from offices in Terneuzen and Hilversum in The Netherlands. For other countries Broadcast Partners has partnerships with local dealer networks.

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