On IBC 2017 Broadcast Partners launched SmartRadio, radio as a service

zaterdag 16 september 2017 @ 12:45

On IBC2017, until Tuesday September 19th, in Amsterdam RAI, Broadcast Partners launched SmartRadio, radio as a service. Latest feature on this platform: the aXemble as service. Broadcast Partners developed this headend for encoding and multiplexing necessary for DAB+. aXemble is also cloudbased as a service available now. On IBC, it is possible to listen local to 2 DAB+ channels, Radio IBC powered by Kermis FM and Radio IBC Non-Stop on the Broadcast Partners booth.

aXemble as a service

aXemble as a service, can encode multiple sources: Livewire, Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM streams. Depending on chosen bandwidth and bitrate, highest possible audio quality will be available.

In the aXemble AAC+ encoder, different bitrates and bandwidths are adjustable from 24kbps to a maximum of 192 kbps in each channel. In the error level protection fields aXemble provides 8 different options. EEP 1-A till EEP EEP 4-A, and EEP 1-B till EEP 4-B. Standard the headend gives MOT Slideshow and DLS services. The webbased interface gives the possibility to have a complete dashboard view and modifications of the on- and off air services. At the other pages of aXemble as a service, a very detailed overview of encoders, on air multiplex, services and audio sources. At this pages managing of all services is easy to handle.

Visit IBC

Visit Broadcast Partners for a live demo in hall 8, stand C81.

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