Koekstad Radio on 94.4 FM in Deventer

donderdag 14 juli 2022 @ 10:15

Since July 12th, Koekstad Radio is broadcasting on 94.4 FM in Deventer. In October last year, the local commercial Deventer radio station started its broadcasts. Owner Jeroen Schoppema: "It is a boys dream come true, since childhood it was my dream to have my own radio station".

"In 1985 I started as an illegal radio pirate, then I was with various local radio stations and finally I now have my own radio station". "We started small last October and are now on the internet, DAB+ and now also on FM, I am really super happy with that".  "We make live programmes for the people of Deventer every day from 6 a.m., give away prizes and get a lot of response from our listeners, which is really great". "Broadcast Partners helped us very quickly after obtaining our local commercial FM license and the Orban soundprocessing they set up sounds great!

Koekstad Radio can be received via 94.4 FM in the municipality of Deventer, DAB+ in the entire Stedendriehoek (channel 6D), streaming apps (including JUKE) and via koekstadradio.nl.