IBC 2019 is within a few weeks again in Amsterdam RAI

vrijdag 23 augustus 2019 @ 18:29

IBC 2019 is within a few weeks again in Amsterdam RAI

Also this year, Broadcast Partners will be again at this major event with approx.. 55000 attendees and 1400 exhibitors.

We will show our latest software developments within the SmartRadio product range and demonstrate the products we developed with our partners. We will also demonstrate our latest new features on our own developed DAB+ encoder and headend aXemble. DAB+ services are increasing in many countries worldwide and our full option and very user-friendly solution is an affordable solution for launching DAB+ services. Also for this purpose we developed in close cooperation with Orban: Smart Processing in 3 different options. Launching an extra (temporary) DAB+ channel was never this easy as before: all content, to be planned and played within SmartRadio, including the best modulation processing and transferred by using our cloud DAB+ headend aXemble to a transmitter and all is set and done! All these products will available for demonstration at IBC2019.

Earlier, I described here on LinkedIn, that SmartRadio’s goal is to help existing and new media-organisations and publishers with innovating products to stay relevant- and in contact with their audience. With SmartRadio all options are public- and/or privat cloudbased available, only in a subscription based model. No big investments are needed to launch services for publication on several platforms. Scalable and easy to connect to existing environments.

Therefore we started a time ago with our new platform to develop new products in the SmartRadio range; Based on an API, with a very modern structure, with uploaded content and belonging metadata, to work multitenant, in fact object-based if preferred. It saves costs and gives a lot of new opportunities in production. All services are software defined micro-services in the cloud and can be easily defined as of unique requirements by end-users as well.

SmartRadio products are all cloud- and webbased available. Use your Chrome browser on every place with connectivity to do what you want. Scheduling your radio-station on the beach? It is all possible… All content has many metadata rules in our environment. Important for creating and delivering personalized content for example in streams, podcasts, websites and/or social media. Ask for more on this at IBC/Broadcast Partners at our booth in Hall 8, C81.

At IBC we will highlight our SmartRadio services for online- and DAB+ only radio-stations. But we will also launch the first new Smart Radio Live Assist product. In a beautiful design with a Smart (Live Assist) Player connected to an Axia console, but also with our brand new Smart Jingle Player, and our own new developped full option Smart Scheduler. Perfect for scheduling your unique format in an integrated or standalone web- en cloudbased solution. And because you also want to schedule commercials and advertorials, we developed the Smart Commercial/Ad Scheduler. These 2 options will be new at IBC and will be demonstrated on multiple places at our booth. Discover how content of all different sources can be published!

SmartRadio Live Assist environment


At IBC, the Broadcast Partners Sales team welcomes you to tell all about these new products and more. Also the Broadcast Partners / SmartRadio development-team will be available at IBC during all days! We are very much looking forward to hear about your thoughts and ideas and are looking forward to be able to launch more environments. Also when you are interested to become a reseller in other countries, let’s meet in Amsterdam!

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