Discover the most important possibilities of aXemble DAB+ headend

donderdag 28 maart 2019 @ 08:29

Broadcast Partners offers innovative technology and full option solutions for DAB+. The aXemble productline exists of 2 solutions: a full option aXemble encoder and also a full option aXemble headend which includes encoding and multiplexing.

Well-known solution

The aXemble headend is a well-known solution that has been used in various countries around the world for some time now. 

aXemble Cloud - as-a-service solution for DAB+

Recently, we have added the aXemble Cloud to our portfolio in order to offer the same functionality as the hardware version in a cloud based service. For an attractive monthly fee, you can access your station’s information through the web interface. aXemble cloud provides “as-a-service” solutions for DAB+ transmissions.

More info

Broadcast Partners successfully launched aXemble DAB+ headends for national and international broadcasters recently at different sites in The Netherlands. Broadcast Partners has a long experience in DAB+ systems and complex setups for commercial and public broadcasters in The Netherlands. Key feature is to provide excellent support and development.

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