DAB+ also accessible for local broadcasters in the Netherlands

donderdag 6 juli 2017 @ 14:40

DAB+ is seen as the successor to FM and gradually becomes an increasingly important distribution platform. Since Broadcast Partners is the technical partner for many broadcasters in The Netherlands, Broadcast Partners has developed a DAB+ solution for local broadcasters. Broadcast Partners is convinced that DAB+ can not only be within the range of regional and national radio stations, but must also be accessible to local stations.

New product: low power DAB+ transmitter

Broadcast Partners launches a new combination of DAB+ products for the local market. These are individually selected for quality and fit within the budgets available for local broadcast. In addition, the installation is flexible and expandable or upgraded to higher power.

The new professional product line consists of:

  • 50 Watt DAB+ transmitter
  • Antenna system
  • Cabling
  • Installation
  • aXemble headend

Various financial constructions

Broadcast Partners offers payment options, taking into account the capabilities of local stations and temporary transit licenses.

  • The customer buys the entire configuration.
  • The customer rents the installation with right of purchase.
  • The customer uses the 'as a service' service. In this case, Broadcast Partners will provide the installation and technically manages the multiplex. The customer only needs to provide the stream; Broadcast Partners takes care of the rest.

Ilona van Barneveld, account manager Broadcast Partners: 'We think it's important to give local players a place on DAB+. Broadcast Partners now offers a robust, flexible and modern solution that enables local stations to reach the quality level of the national broadcasters. Local stations, too, can now broadcast on the DAB+ digital platform in the highest possible sound quality. The Netherlands is leading in DAB+ digitization and technology. Our ambition is to go ahead with local DAB+ broadcasts worldwide.'

Attractive rate

Broadcast Partners offers the first 10 sets at a particularly attractive conditions. Inquire about the possibilities via sales@broadcastpartners.nl.

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