A new podcast studio for NOBCO!

dinsdag 1 juni 2021 @ 13:16


After a serious renovation NOBCO has its own podcast studio! Broadcast Partners delivered the equipment to NOBCO and paid Arvid Buit a visit to ask what they do and why you should listen to their podcast! 

What exactly do you do at NOBCO and what do you want to contribute?

The NOBCO is the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches. We create the best listened to podcast in our industry (Coach Radio) and develop new formats and an online Academy. We want to contribute to the development of professional coaches and offer support for that in many ways.

That sounds interesting! You guys have recently built your own podcast studio, what's the reason for this?

The podcast Coach Radio is a big success, and we always made it in the AvroTros studios in Amsterdam (VondelCS). When that stopped working, we started playing with the idea of building a video studio. One and one is two, so we decided to build all facilities in-house in Zwolle.

What can people expect when they start listening to your podcast?

The most important thing is an enjoyable podcast with expert guests. Besides that we aim for a lot of interaction with listeners who call in and join. At the moment we're still developing 3 new formats and we want to broadcast new podcasts every week. Relevant, actual and if all goes well it will sound great from the new studio ;).

That is a great prospect! Do you have more plans for the future?
We hope to make great things with our communities of over 4000 members. With lots of energy, fun and innovation. 

Fantastic! How did you end up at Broadcast Partners?

There's only one logical partner in this field and that's Broadcast Partners. The contact with Frank was very smooth, once he got used to our stubborn wish list ;) For a podcast studio, we went quite extensive, but that's just to be able to differentiate. The advice we got was valuable and also the contact with foreign manufacturers (in case of questions) Frank takes care of us. I am very satisfied and hope to do business with Broadcast Partners again in the future!

Thanks for your time Arvid! We wish NOBCO lots of success and fun with your new podcast studio!