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Dutch Media Exchange!

We are a consortium consisting of Broadcast Partners, 24Media Licencing, Angry Bytes and Jet-Stream, four Dutch companies with a track record in providing reliable and progressive media services. Numerous broadcasters and digital media companies at home and abroad entrust their core business to us.

A good and sophisticated online strategy, with reliable online partners, is essential in this day and age, where broadcasters and journalism are competed by social platforms, where facts and opinions tumble over each other, where independent journalism is compromised, where world news often overshadows local news.

In doing so, you want to be able to lean on partners who can guarantee high availability, wide reach and flexible capabilities. Partners who have content, knowledge and expertise in house, are homegrown and can think along about the role of journalism in society, about privacy, about local democracy, and develop services for it. And who can make social media work for you instead of you working for the social media platforms. Together, we are that partner.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the needs and requirements of the MediaHub 2.0 solicitation. We make a good offer outside of that tender process. We do things a little differently, delivering more features, more reliability than requested, sophisticated service and customization where needed. For this reason, we have decided to make our offer directly to you. Because of the economy of scale we are able to achieve, we can deliver top quality for very attractive rates.

Our offerings include the following:

  • Contribution, distribution and monitoring of linear radio and TV channels to cable companies at high quality;
  • Distribution of live to online viewers with very high availability;
  • On-demand streaming;
  • Professional web and mobile streaming player, and reliable analytics;
  • Logging of broadcast signals in accordance with the laws and regulations of the CvdM;
  • Recording of live streams and conversion to OTT;
  • Modern online content management system for publications on app & websites;
  • Complete Management and Publication of multi media assets;
  • Exchange of news, content and other data with other broadcasters as standard functionality;
  • Scalable and highly reliable hosting in the Netherlands, in compliance with strict AVG regulations;
  • Professional service desk, monitoring, alerting and full management.

You hire what you need and can modify or expand choices afterwards.

For us, this is daily work. It is our core business, and we take our work seriously. You guys are asking for 98% availability? Our goal is 100%, and we are achieving it. You are asking for AVG rules: for us, this is the starting point. Our consortium is European, remains so, and has no U.S. ramifications, so can give that guarantee. You ask for analytics: we guarantee accurate data, without trackers or cookies, so you can optimize your reach and relevance.

Your radio and TV streams can be online with us in as little as an hour, without any cumbersome migrations. Both your icecast streams and your HLS streams, in one environment, with a professional player and accurate analytics.

And we’re happy to take a closer look. What are the opportunities for local broadcasters with us? Some of the possibilities:

  • The Missed service: recordings of broadcasts are made available on-demand;
  • Additional channels: think visual radio, studio webcams and event broadcasts;
  • Contextual advertising: generate ad revenue without sharing viewer profiles;
  • Spontaneous live broadcasts: think of journalists reporting live on the spot about an event, just live from their studio in the browser;
  • Social strategy: create teasers and previews and share them on social media to increase reach and entice audiences to your site, where you retain people, rather than sending them back to social platforms;
  • Real time interaction via two-screen or interactive applications with ultra low latency video (events, shows, debates).

We see ample opportunities to distribute your signals through our new infrastructure: our own Dutch Media Exchange. The DME is a Dutch cloud where we receive, process and transmit broadcast signals digitally, considerably more modern, modular and cheaper than the MGW.

We are convinced that we can make the best offer not only technically and operationally: also on price. Plenty of reason for a (virtual) cup of coffee. Shall we set up a stream?

Discover www.media-exchange.nl

Please contact +31(0)115 – 683555

Or email to: Info@broadcastpartners.nl

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