Broadcast Products: innovative antenna solutions

The antenna division of Broadcast Partners is widely known for its innovative antenna solutions.Unlike many others we are independent and use antennas of all the known brands and combine them to the most optimal system for your solution. This means optimal coverage and minimum costs by reduction off both energy and the space rental in the telecom tower.

Designing a perfect system is our goal.

Antenna design is an important part of the total system if the antenna system is not well designed reception will be pour and a lot of energy will not reach its goal. By optimizing a system we make sure the important places within your license will be serviced with the optimal field strength.We design and turnkey build all systems from the biggest FM system in Europe to systems for community radio, Broadcast Partners make’s radio Happen

If you want more information about antenna design or optimizing your system please contact Christiaan Pladdet at Broadcast Partners.