Beyond transmission

Broadcast Partners is market leader in FM network operations in the Benelux. In these markets, 11 national and 17 regional radio stations are on our client list.

Radio stations want to do what they do best - make great radio. To reach their target audience they require broadcast networks. Building and managing these networks, as well as protecting and improving them, is technical work that they prefer to outsource, since it is not their core business. Broadcast Partners provides these broadcast network operation services. We take care of all spectrum distribution aspects.

Hence, in a technical sense, we truly do make radio happen.

The function of a broadcast network operator involves more than the management and maintenance of transmitters, but includes the following:

Continuous remote off-site monitoring of network performance

Transmission systems operated by Broadcast Partners are continuously monitored from several locations in the Benelux with the help of the remote network management solution Site Console and audio back-up solution Audio Watchdog. Each system is automatically monitored on - depending on size and options - 200 parameters or more. This information is used to maximize and optimize availability of the system.

Regular on-site checks

Transmission systems are regularly checked on their technical performance and - if possible - optimized. At the end of the economical or technical life, they are replaced in full, so that continuity in performance can be guaranteed and only the latest state-of-the-art equipment is used.

Regular practical performance measurements

The predicted, theoretical coverage of transmitters is checked in the field with the help of coverage analyzers, by cient request.

Frequency management

The practical coverage rights of frequencies are the result of national deployment and international co-ordination. Often, requests for use of frequencies nationally or internationally are submitted to responsible government authorities. Practice has shown that active involvement of the network operator is required to defend and protect existing client rights.

Improvement or extension of frequency networks

Existing networks often offer substantial opportunities for optimization. Broadcast Partners continuously researches possibilities for improvement or extension of existing client networks. The latest technology and insights are deployed in our clients' networks.

Building and maintaining transmitters are not the only tasks of a network operator. Management and optimization are crucial to each radio station. FM distribution remains the life line for each radio station!