More than just transmitters

Broadcast Partners is the market leader in the field of transmitter network management in the Benelux. The company has transmitter parks in Nederland, Belgium, and Denmark that are used for national commercial and public radio stations stations such as Radio 538Qmusic (NL), Radio 10SLAM FMBNR Nieuwsradio100%NL, NPO (Radio 1, Radio 2, 3FM and Radio 4)Qmusic (BE), and Joe FM. In total, Broadcast Partners is responsible for the daily management of more than 500 transmitters.

Radio stations require a transmitter or transmitter networks in order to distribute their programs. Broadcasting, protecting and/or expanding frequencies is complicated and technical, so radio stations often choose to outsource this work so they can focus on what they are good at; namely, making radio programs. Broadcast Partners takes care of the complete ether distribution chain and all related matters, including:

  • program signal supply
  • audio processing
  • (N) SFN synchronization (if applicable)

Continuous off-site monitoring of the network performance 

Broadcast Partners is constantly monitoring the transmitting installations through telemetry from multiple locations in the Benelux using the channel network and audio monitoring system Site Console and Audio Watchdog. Depending on the transmission system itself, about 200 parameters are constantly monitored in order to optimise the transmission system's availability.

Regular on-site monitoring

In addition to telemetry monitoring, Broadcast Partners also physically tests the transmission installations on location and replace them before the end of their service life. Until that time, Broadcast Partners guarantees continuous performance and works with nothing but state-of-the-art installations.

Regular practical measurement performance 

At the client's request, Broadcast Partners can monitor the calculated theoretical coverage of Ethernet transmitters while in use. Here, measurements are carried out in the target area using a coverage analyzer.

Frequency protection

The Netherlands regularly receives coordination requests for new frequencies from abroad, or experience internal frequencies changes, which can have an effect on existing frequency rights. Broadcast Partners ensure damage to the client's frequency package is prevented at all costs.


Improving and/or expanding the frequency network

Broadcast Partners is continuously trying to strive, to improve and/or expand transmitter networks based on the latest insights and modern techniques.



As well as the construction and maintenance of transmitter parks, the transmitter operator is responsible for channel and frequency management and optimisation, which is of great importance to a radio station. Distribution in the ether remains the lifeline of every radio station.