aXemble head-end

  • enables different bitrates and bandwidths and is adjustable from 32kbps up to 192 kbps at all possible error protection levels per channel;
  • has advanced audio encoder profiles available in its settings such as AAC-LC, HE-AAC and HE AAC V2;
  • has the possibility to set personal preference parameters, but the optimal encoder parameters are automatically suggested for each setting;
  • encodes multiple sources: AES/EBU, Livewire/AES67, Icecast, Shoutcast and PCM streams in the highest possible audio quality;
  • provides MOT Slideshow and DLS / SLS services;
  • is easy to set up via an user friendly menu;
  • has an aXemble multiplexer which provides an EDI stream according the DAB+ ETSI TS 10563 protocol, suitable for the latest DAB+ transmitters; and
  • has online remote support optional available and future /updates can be installed over the internet;
  • is available in a 1HU-unit with a clear display which shows basic settings of the performance of the head-end.